Our Staff


Amy is our Hospital Manager and has worked in the veterinary field for over 20 years as both a Head Technician and Manager. She has a B.S. in Zoology specializing in Animal Care and an Ecology Minor. Previously she studied as a triple language major, but changed course knowing that animals were her true passion. Amy was recently a national finalist for 2016 Practice Manager of the Year. She has a farm full of rescued critters in the Columbia River Gorge. Her hobbies include hiking, whitewater rafting, gardening, reading, home improvement projects, managing rental properties, and being active in her local Church. Her and her husband of 21 years have been blessed to have 23 Foster children be part of their lives and currently are raising 2 amazing kids. She is a vegetarian, and and would love to live completely off the grid!


Ashley has been in the veterinary field since 2012. She studied at Carrington/Apollo college and has been with East Padden ever since. In her spare time she enjoys spending lots of time with her family and close friends. Camping at the sand dunes is their number one hobby. If not at the dunes or working, her son, 2 cats, and 2 dogs keep her well occupied. Ashley’s passion for animals has been since the beginning and she can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends!


Jacque is PNW born and raised, and if you ask her, she will gladly tell you she loves everything about this rainy region! Jacque has been working in the veterinary industry since January of 2013. She got her start at a local emergency/specialty hospital working in reception. Jacque values the connection with the clients that come in to East Padden and strives to give the best possible service she can. In her spare time she can be found at home with her boyfriend, Sam, and fur-kids, Benelli and Freyja, with her nose buried in a book! Jacque also enjoys jogging, yoga, hiking, camping, and spending time with her friends and family. Jacque thoroughly enjoys working alongside her family at EPAH knowing they share her passion and enthusiasm for animals and their people!


Cathy started working in veterinary medicine in 2008, and has been a part of the EPAH team since August of 2013. Even from a young age Cathy was interested in animals and would bring home every stray in the neighborhood. When she is not at work she is home with her two wonderful Pitbulls, Pupa and Dub, and her kitty Mewsette.





Zoe joined the East Padden Animal Hospital team in February 2014. We are her very first working experience in an animal hospital. She graduated from Apollo/Carrington College in 2014. Zoe has always loved all kinds of animals; from helping her neighbors by pet sitting their dogs, feeding their horses and taking care of their chickens. She also has two pets of her own. Cody is her 5yr old Beagle and Duke her 1yr old Pitbull. Right now she is busy planning for her wedding which is coming up soon and taking up most of her time. Zoe’s other hobbies include just hanging around her house and being around everyone she loves.



Charity recently moved back home to Gresham, from Central Oregon with her two sons. Josh is 19 and has recently joined the US Marine Corps. Matt is 17, a Junior in High School and a computer genius. Charity also has furry children; Chile is a 5 year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian, Boss a 6 year old Lab Mix, Butters a very crabby Siamese, and the newest addition is a kitten named Yukon Cornelius. Charity splits her time as an Exam Room Technician and Receptionist.


Since Jeni was very young, she has always had a passion and love for animals. So, it came as no surprise when she started to work with animals as a young adult. Starting as a volunteer at the Humane Society then moving forward to working at doggy daycares and as a veterinary receptionist, she has been working with animals for nearly a decade. When she isn’t at work, she spends her time painting, crafting, exploring museums, reading, losing several hours being sucked into Netflix documentaries, and going on “outdoor adventures” with her blue heeler, Bug. She plans to return to school to study business and fine arts, and aspires to open her own art studio–pet friendly, of course!


Erin is a born and raised Portland Or girl who has had a life long passion for helping animals. She has been involved in the care and rescue of animals since the age of 8 when she first became involved in several programs at the Oregon Humane Society, she continued her involvement with them into her late teenage years. She attended Oregon State University in the pursuit of a BS in animal science. At home Erin enjoys spending time with her dog/best friend Addicka, her old lady kitty Nina, and her Holland lop ear rabbit Fiddlesticks. She enjoys a number of outdoor activities as long as the weather is warm. The ability to do things outdoors all years long drew her to Hawaii for several years but she returned home to be close to family and friends again.


Janelle is originally from Vancouver, WA, but has spent some time in the swampy land of Florida. (Go Gators!) However, she considers the Northwest her home and has been back since 2009. She plans on staying here for the long haul now. Janelle graduated from Washington State University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has always had a passion for animals and is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady”. She is the proud parent of a petite black polydactyl cat, who is the apple of her eye. She is looking forward to adopting more cats in the future! Janelle is new to the world of veterinary medicine, but has worked in the human field. She is eager to be learning more about animal health care. Janelle is very excited to join the EPAH family and get to know all our wonderful clients and pets!



Jessica was born with a love of animals, and would always be the family “pet” whenever she and her friends played house. She would get Zoo books instead of Barbies and covered her room in animal posters. Steve Irwin was her hero growing up, and it showed as she would often bring home snakes, robins, opossums, baby birds, and even dogs and cats. Her parents would often find wild animals in their closet, or in the garage. She has rescued dogs and cats off the freeway, climbed into blackberry bushes to get a litter of kittens, and will even stop traffic to get a pet off the road. When she got her start at another animal hospital, she knew that this was not only what she loved, but also became what she loves to do. Jessica has had a menagerie of pets including reptiles, cats, a dog, rodents, hermit crabs, even a squirrel named Hermoine. She now has four cats, Rudi, Spongebob, Raider, and Mystery, a dog named Zeke, and a ball python named Precious. When she’s not at work, she can often be found hanging out with friends and family, being active outdoors, riding dirt bikes with her fiance, and baking or crafting.


Stephanie grew up on the East Coast where she first began working in Vet Clinics at the young age of 15. After High School she moved to Texas and started work as a Zookeeper. She worked with Gorilla’s, Gazelles and many other fun critters…..so be sure to ask her about this! In August 2015, she moved to Vancouver, WA and got back into the small animal field at East Padden Animal Hospital. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and camping.



TinaTina East Padden

Since Tina was just a little girl she knew that her passion for animals would lead her into a career in Veterinary Medicine. And that’s exactly what she is doing. Tina is currently in her third year of undergrad studying biology at WSU Vancouver with hopes that once she graduates she will continue her education studying veterinary medicine. Tina was born in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois and moved to Vancouver, Washington at the age of ten with her mother, father, and older brother and continues to live there happily. In her spare time, Tina enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters, playing video games, and spending time with her friends and boyfriend of five years. She has recently adopted a Chiweenie named David Randell who she found as stray on the side of the road. As Tina continues her journey here at East Padden she hopes to rescue and help more animals while also gaining experience for her future endeavors.



Gerod has been in the veterinary field for 2 years now. He started back in Las Vegas, NV after getting out of the military. He moved Vancouver to see different places and try new things. On his days off he likes to read, watch movies with his family, and head to mountains. He plans on getting his DVM at WSU Pullman.





Traci’s career as a veterinary technician started in 2008 when she graduated from Apollo College. While in school she landed a job at Orchard Hills Animal Hospital, this is when she met Dr. Thompson and Amy. She did some part time and fill in work here at East Padden Animal Hospital from fall 2008 to spring 2010. Traci and her family were called away to Colorado to be with the children’s grandma; sadly she passed away in 2012. They had a couple great adventures and learned a lot about Midwest weather during their stay. After meeting their newest family addition, Shaymus along with some talking and planning, they decided to return home to the Great Northwest. One of Traci’s most cherished loves, besides her family of course, is her love for the Seahawks. Her love doesn’t stop there, football in general is something she truly enjoys. She is a wife and mother of three, four if you count her pup, Shaymus. She is happy to be back at East Padden Animal Hospital and looks forward to working with all of you.



Chantal was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her passion and love for animals was born into her. Ever since she could remember she has had animals in her life. Chantal and her family have a big pet family of five cats and two dogs! She has had cats, dogs, bunnies, geese, chickens, hamsters, lizards, guinea pigs, and even had a pet squirrel at one point. She was the kid that would rescue frogs and birds from my cats and try to nurse them back to health. She has also always been that person to risk her own safety for the life of an animal. Chantal pulled over on a busy roads countless times and chased down dogs to get them into my car, just so she could bring them back to her house and know they were safe. She once spent hours comforting a terrified dog hiding in a bush until she was able to gain his trust. Chantal is currently attending her Junior year at WSU Vancouver to pursue her degree in Earth and Environmental Science and then plans to attend the PCC Vet Tech program to become a Licensed Technician. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping, and spending time with her family, boyfriend, and close friends.




Leanna started in the veterinary field in 2010, ranging from being a kennel hand, to a vet Assistant, and a receptionist. Leanna enjoys meeting the pets and their owners and helping them during their visits to East Padden. Leanna has two Tonkinese kitties that she enjoys cuddling with every chance she gets. Leanna plans to continue her career in the Veterinary Field and hopes to pursue her Certification in the near future. Leanna also enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, camping and hiking.





Kimberly was a zoo keeper for 2 years while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She was able to work with over 100 species at the zoo, but her favorite was the African Black Footed Penguins. She helped with the hatchings of new baby penguins and the training of many others. This last year Kimberly lived in St. Augustine Florida and worked as a dolphin trainer. She got to train and care for 15 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, including a new born that she was present for the birth of. Kimberly moved back home to the PNW to be near family and where she loved growing up. Of course she does miss being near the Florida ocean and her favorite sea animal—dolphins! You can always spot her wearing something with a dolphin, and if you come ask her for a dolphin fact, she can probably tell you something you never knew! Kimberly absolutely loves to travel–her last trip was a month-long adventure exploring ancient ruins and cultures in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. She has two little Caribbean hermit crabs and will soon add a dog to her family. Outside of work she can be found hiking, at the beach, discovering local bakeries, or being with friends and family.



Brittany was born and raised in the PNW and is proud to call it home! Ever since she was young she has always had a big heart for all animals! But would definitely say kitties hold an extra special place in her heart. She has one kitty named ChaChi who is her pride and joy! She has worked with animals for a few years now and hopes to further her education in the veterinary field and make this a lifelong career. When she isn’t working she spends her time with friends and family in the area. Or snuggled up on the couch with her fur baby enjoying a good movie or Netflix binge.



Alesia was born and raised in Oregon, and has always had a passion for animals both big and small. She has been in the veterinary field since 2006, but recently was also working in human medicine! Alesia and her husband have two young boys who take up most of her time off, while the rest of her time is spent on the farm working and riding horses. She has two mastiffs, Tate and Hercules, as well as a cat named Oliver.





Ian was Oregon born, and Washington raised. He has also lived in North Carolina and Alaska, and holds a passion for the its snow-capped mountains and icy, blue glaciers. Having moved many times in his life; his closest companions have been his loving family, and the many cats which he’s had over the years. He is a proud Christian, and he spends his free time biking, and spending time with his family. His hobbies are reading, playing unique board games, and loving on his three cats, Benni, Chrissy, and Tiger; who has been with them for the majority of Ian’s life.





I have lived in the Vancouver area my whole live. I live on a retired dairy farm where my family and extended family have lived for three generations. I love to be around our two horses, six cows, two ducks, many many chickens, three peacocks, three cats, and my new dog Rex. I enjoy spending time around my family and friends. When I am not around my animals (or yours!), I am either reading, crafting, camping, or just taking a good nap.





Jennifer is a Junior at Hockinson High school. She enjoys being active with sports such as soccer, basketball and track. Jennifer loves spending time with her friends, family and pets! After high school she plans on attending a university to become a Veterinarian!






Amanda joined East Padden Animal Hospital in May of 2016. From the time she was little, she would bring home various animals and nurse them back to health and always dreamed of pursuing a career with animals. Her animal care career began working at PetSmart for 3 years as a professional dog groomer. She then decided to return to college at Washington State University. During her time at college she worked at Washington State University’s veterinary teaching hospital in the exotics ward caring for various types of wildlife and small animals. She was also a part of their raptor club, and dedicated her extra time to care for non-releasable raptors including owls, falcons and hawks as well as present them to the public for education purposes. In her spare time she was also a volunteer for WSU’s ungulate facility and cared for various species of deer including black-tail, white-tail and mule deer and spent one of her summers bottle-raising fawns that were brought to the facility. She graduated from Washington State University Pullman with her Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Outside of work Amanda enjoys spending time with her family including her papillon Sasha and her two horses Missy and Dickens, going to farmers markets and spending time in the outdoors.



Kassie has loved animals her entire life and knew she wanted a career working with them from a young age. She has been working in veterinary medicine since 2009. She enjoys building relationships with patients and clients at East Padden Animal Hospital. Outside of work, Kassie enjoys spending time with her husband Tyler, her daughters, Kinsley and Taylin, and their many pets (including dogs, cats, and rabbits).